Frequently I was asked, "Are you a Computer Science graduate?"

Well, I am not. But I do have extensive knowledge about computers and the passion to learn and understand anything that is related to it.

In this blog I aim to share my experience and proficiency on computers and cover IT related issues that I have come to resolve and discover that may help other people and fellow bloggers in some way. The same way I hope to learn and gather additional information from others.

I have been working as a freelance computer tech for seven (7) years. I do have expertise in system building (computer assembly), troubleshooting PCs, SOHO (small-office home-office) networks, and a deep understanding of hardware and software dynamics.

As a PC enthusiast, I always involve myself on some DIY (do-it-yourself) tech projects during my spare time.

Thank you for spending some time visiting my tech blog. I hope I have shared important information that maybe of help to you.

If you need some help or technical advice, you can send me an email. Cheers!

The Techie Bro'
Adrian Arce Manangan (Ads) had a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture at the University of Santo Tomas, in Manila. He worked as a CAD Architect for four years in several companies and received his license as an Architect in 2005.

His passion for PCs has led him to walk a different path and decided to follow his passion for computers. He owned and managed an Internet Cafe business which ran for six (6) years.

Presently, Ads is working as a freelance PC technician while he manages a business heirloom. During his free time, he tries to document everything he has done to fix other people's PC and projects that he made to make computers work according to his needs.

This blog is one way for him to put into writing all his works and serve as a reference for himself and to others.

What's the story behind the badge?
My site badge obviously has a steaming coffee cup on a black background. The reason for this is first, my favorite color is black and second, coffee is my favorite concoction especially when I think on to my PC fixing. Nothing puts me in perfect condition when I drink coffee. Brewed, instant, and 3-in-1. As long as it smells and tastes like coffee it would do for me.