Friday, 2 December 2011

Thinking Green!

Computer parts, tech devices and high-tech gadgets are among the things that contribute to the growing number of garbage in the world.

Normally, we throw out computer parts and gadgets that are broken and are considered unrepairable. Buying a new one to serve as a replacement is so much better than wasting our time holding on to our current item with the hopes of having it brought back to life and be used again.

That changed everything when my wife has called upon my participation in a greening task and somehow help save the environment. Yeah right! The green advocacy. What everybody else is doing right now in the hopes of slowing down the deterioration of our planet.

As a tech person, I never thought I could contribute much to this endeavor. As I was never aware that my junked stuff can can make the world a better place. A challenge as it seems from my wife as she started working on things that she can do on her part.

How can I do my deed with all this junk inside my drawers that I long getting rid off A-S-A-P?

I think Mr. 'G' (search engine) can help me with that!
  1. Resell old items.
    What a great idea! Maybe I can still sell these items and get some great deal out of it?

    Went over the Internet and found this local online-trading channel for PC enthusiasts named "TipidPC". Though it's name suggests cheap costs in owning one, well not all traders here are selling low-priced items. Most of the items found here are hard-to-find ones, some modding stuff and collector's items. Only those who are selling pre-owned, "used" and "defective" ones are showcasing SALE items. But still, a great way to get rid of your junk while you earn some cash.

  2. Sell even the broken and defective ones.
    Yep! I did found a number of people who still purchase defective items.

    These are trained and professional PC technicians who can fix dead hardware and have them sold at a much lower price. I have even sold my defective hard drives at P50 each and unusable video cards at P 30 each. I bet junk shops won't even pay you with these kind of amounts.

  3. A drawer full of used motherboards and videocards waiting to be discarded.

  4. Re-use old items instead of buying new ones. I know! Not everyone accepts this idea. But if you can't sell it at the price that you want, or even hand it down to cousin Joey, better use it till it retires. As I have posted it here as one of my blog articles, I created my own LCD TV system to save on cash and avoid selling these items at a very low price. When the right time comes, I can buy myself one of those nifty TVs sold at the appliance store!

  5. DIY LCD TV System. Been using it for 2-years now. Love this one!

  6. Invest in green technology parts.
    You heard it right! Computer parts manufacturers and resellers have embraced the challenge in taking part to save the planet by innovating their products to be ecologically efficient.

    I just bought a few of them after making a recent upgrade to my rig - an energy efficient motherboard (those that have power saving feature - cuts energy costs using power saving utility) and a green hard drive (low power, high-performance and large capacity disks).

  7. Powersaving PC
    My custom built PC - Intel Core 3, Asrock mobo, Nvidia GT220, 2GB DDR3 RAM, Thermaltake PSU, Inwin Cooling Mid-Tower Case

  8. Go for energy-efficient PCs.
    If reusing old parts isn't your thing, better acquire an energy efficent one. The latest computers and devices available in the market today boasts energy efficeincy compliance by cutting down energy usage thus promising lower energy costs without sacrificing overall perfomance. Intel's Core & Atom technology and AMD's Phenom processors are among sought after by enthusiasts like me. They are way better than Core2's and Quad's. 

  9. Asrock IES
    Screenshot of my desktop with Asrock's IES Power Saving Feature (a motherboard perk)
That's not so hard isn't it? 

So I guess I've done my part. I hope you can do your part too!


We should really take seriously the disposal of computer parts and other electronics parts. It contains hazardous materials which are toxic to people and the environment.

Nice, at present time more technical things are coming and invented day by day to make human life flexible and easy but what about existing things? 

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