Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Addressing the ISPs’ poor DNS service

Have you encountered a selective browsing problem? Like you can instantly surf to your FB account page but then you are having a hard time going over on some of the other sites in the web? Here is one way to make it out of that puzzling issue. (This can also be a solution to slow internet browsing speed) Normally, we make use of ISPs default DNS server. But then, it can cause us some trouble if they are doing some maintenance works on their system (even if they deny it) which deters our travel through cyberspace. Fortunately, we can resolve this issue. Modifying your default DNS server address is one way to get away with it. Wait a minute! What is DNS?

According to,

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical distributed naming system for computers, services, or any resource connected to the Internet or a private network. It associates various information with domain names assigned to each of the participating entities. Most importantly, it translates domain names meaningful to humans into the numerical identifiers associated with networking equipment for the purpose of locating and addressing these devices worldwide.
Well, that's a mouthful. Albeit too technical for most of us.

DNS serves as a phone book to the World Wide Web which maps out each connected device to the global network. It manages the name of our websites so we and other people can access them by typing them in our web browsers. That is why we can only have one specific address that we can use in naming our websites. Duplicate domain names are not allowed to avoid problems in accessing our web pages.

Our computers acts as hosts to each incoming connections and also works as clients to other computers in the Internet. Some computers works as DNS servers to provide us with a better network directory and reach our desired destination. That is why replacing your default DNS server address can make a considerable impact on how you browse the Internet.
  • It can increase your Internet speed. (though this will vary on other factors eg. PC specs, subscribed Internet speed) 
  • It can lessen or completely resolve your selective browsing issues 
  • It can give complete control on how you browse the Internet on your network by using filters (like that of OPENDNS) 
Here is a list of the recommended DNS addresses that yields better than the default ones as provided through our Internet service providers.

The desired DNS addresses (my preferred and tested lists):

DNS Server Preferred Alternate
Google's Public DNS
Destiny Cable Internet

What's left for us to do now is to make use of these numbers and start punching them in our PCs and see if they do work. I have tested Google's Public DNS and OpenDNS as well.

I prefer Google's DNS addresses since it has never failed me to access most of my frequently visited websites (and it is faster than that of my ISPs). OpenDNS on the other hand served me a different purpose. That is, filtering my Internet Cafe's access to some of the restricted sites in the web :) (You know what I mean!)

How to use them? Here's a separate article for that - Walkthrough on how to change your DNS server address


I only know how to change my domains' DNS if I want to transfer host, never did I realize how important it is. Thank you!

We used to encounter this before on a netshop owned by a friend of mine. At first, we wasn't able to figure out the main cause, we taught it was malware or something. Interesting one Ads, *hats off*

does it work like proxy servers? 

You can say that but it does not have the feature of hiding your IP add from the sites you visit. It will only give you a good direction in order to reach the sites you visit without any hiccups encountered while you surf the web.

wow I can make most out of this number, but can it work also on network I only shared lang kasi my connection

I have encountered that and have tried that solution but it did not work for me. All I needed was Bleachbit! :D

c5 @

Thank you for this! :) I'll definitely try it out and I hope it works.

Thanks for the advice....I'll try this one.... 

I haven't heard of that one. I'll try to look for that. Thanks!

So far I have no problem with my internet speed. But thanks for sharing. Though I'm still trying to digest everything to fully understand it. hehe..

So far, I haven't experience such. I also seldom plunge into fixing some technical problems related to web to avoid worsening the problem whenever they arise. I rather ask somebody to fix it for me.

We'll wait for the follow-up.

I am working on it and adding some screenshots :D

Here is the follow up article -

I have to be honest, I had to reread the blog to understand more of it. ^.^ But I get the gist of it. I get a freakier problem but it's not with my net but when I use my laptop in a computer shop (those hook up things) the thing always says that the site is not safe. Anyway, this is out of topic but it's just because I never had this issue before. 

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