Thursday, 8 December 2011

Changing your DNS server address

Here is a follow up article on my post Addressing the ISP's poor DNS service. I have written here a walk through on how to implement the suggested DNS server addresses I have shared on that previous blog post.

Throughout this tutorial, I will be using Windows 7 as my operating system. And to make things simple, I prefer making the modifications on my desktop PC. (You can also make wide area changes to your home network through your router just so you know) 

  1. In order for us to make use of the lists of recommended DNS addresses, we must first modify our network adapter settings via the control panel. Open your control panel via Windows' start menu. Then make a left mouse click on Network and Sharing Center.

  2. control panel

  3. A new window will open and this time select Change adapter settings. Left click on it.

  4. Network and Sharing Center

  5. It will now bring you to a window with a list of your network adapters. Make a right click on the desired network adapter and a context menu will open. Make a left click on Properties. Note: If you have more than one network adapters installed, make sure to select the one that connects you to the internet.

  6. network adapter

  7. It will open a window showing some advance properties of your Network Adapter. Under the "this connection uses the following settings" look for Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4). Left click on it to highlight it then left click on properties.

  8. Connection settings

  9. It will again open another properties window. This time focus your attention to the input box located below this property window (boxed in red). Make changes on this one. In this example, I made use of Google's Public DNS addresses. Note: Make sure that the "use the following DNS Server addresses" radio button is selected.

  10. Left click on OK to validate the settings. Then left click on close to exit the properties window. 
  11. Browse through the internet using your favorite browser. If you have successfully opened a webpage, then your done. Congratulations!
Advanced configurations (for the more technically inclined)
  1. If you want to input all the DNS server addresses I have provided, you may proceed by left clicking on the ADVANCED button.

  2. advance DNS

  3. Left click on the DNS Tab. You can now enter additional DNS servers on this list by (1) Left click on the ADD button and type in the desired address (2) Use the priority buttons to change the queue of the DNS addresses (3) Left click the OK button to apply the changes.

  4. DNS advance tab
For the list of recommended DNS servers, refer to this post.


uy, very informative eto. Thanks for this post

This is very helpful! thank you for sharing. I already bookmarked it just in case.. :)

i have problem with the DNS at my word press site .it says i need to change the DNS then come back and add again .will check if i'll be able to follow your instructions.

This nail my noobnes in changing DNS. Thanks for the info!

Nice, buti may pics, mas madali :D Salamat sa info!

I'm not techie. I'm novice when it comes to computer technology. What is DNS? Why is it necessary to change it? What DNS server addresses?

Thank you adrian for posting this tutorial, I actually don't have idea to change it until this post

Another nosebleed post for me but I really appreciate your effort in posting this tutorial. Might need it in the future.. :)

You can refer to the first part of my post

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