Thursday, 10 November 2011

Things to think about before formatting your PC

The first time I learned to format a desktop PC was during my college days (I think). I really cannot say the reason why I love doing this kind of activity but surely, I feel good everytime I tinker on flawed gadgets and end up getting them back to life.

I did felt a hint of fear the first time I planned to do it. I know my folks would get mad at me if they find out I have a huge paperweight standing at my room. I don’t have the means of replacing a dead PC at that time.

My eagerness and excitement actually didn’t put me to sleep. Instead, I went on with high hopes of success.

My formatting experience involved Windows 95 as my initial operating system (OS) that required the aide of a bootable floppy disk. That was way too prehistoric if you may say. Today, there are better options of installing a Windows operating system. DVDs and flash drives are among our best options. And yeah! After discovering how to install one through a removable drive, I had always make use of it.

It took me several times to do the work before I finally get the hang of it and do the same even with my eyes closed.

Many of us has aspired to do the formatting of their desktop PC on their own. Customizing the way we use our computers has always been the strongest factor for doing it. Besides, finding a trustworthy tech person is way too difficult and more or less expensive for some of us.

If you like to immerse in the formatting task, before you proceed I have a few reminders for you.
  • Make sure that you made a back-up of your important files. Better to do it on an external hard drive or any similar devices. This should be your initial task before you plan to do a complete reset of your desktop computer.
  • You need to install all other programs after the format process. Which means, you can not make a backup of your installed programs. It is necessary for you to have a copy of the installation disks or setup files of your chosen apps before you decide to proceed with the format phase. 
  • Make sure you all have the “working” installer disks for your operating system (Windows), hardware drivers, and third party applications that you need. Or else you may need to purchase or download a working copy from the Internet if possible. 
  • Give enough time for you to learn, understand and complete the whole process. Rushing into portions of the formatting task will only leave you with an unreliable desktop PC. 
  • Expect the unexpected! There is a strong chance that your formatting may fail in some point due to some hardware malfunction or even a wrong configuration. 
  • Better to ask for some assistance from someone who is able to guide and teach you on the whole process if you have doubts on going on yourself.
Formatting your PC is a worthwhile achievement. It would take guts and a lot of focus if you decide to. Good luck and happy formatting!


Thanks a lot! I regularly format my laptop because it's usually so cluttered. I do so every 3 months or so. Great advice!

One bad thing that I did before was when I reformatted my laptop, I forgot to remove my camera's memory card. After that, all my shoots were gone with out back-uping it. Tsk. 

I remembered what my Prof says to me.. wag maging Boy/Miss Format.. ^_^

great tip! 

nice content but to all readers if you don't know the proper way to reformat your pc i suggest to contact technician near you....

I don't think that I can risk reformatting my lappie on my own. I would mess it up. I would ask a friend or a pro to do it.

I try not to format a pc but I cloned it nalang, mas madali ang buhay pag ganun

If I am so pissed with the current status of my PC, with no hesitations, I will reformat it and not caring what files will be lost :D Done this thing twice already :)

Galing! pero ako meron akong sariling paraan, pero isa ito sa mga un!  good work!

I like you last point, ask for assistance if you are not quite sure on what you are doing. It is the safest thing to do. Just don't forget to ask those who are knowledgeable. ^_^

kaya nga dapat umiwas na sa fake OS! Kung hindi kaya, go for FOSS like Linux (Ubuntu)!

Isipin din na pag nawala ang OS mo, maaring hindi mo na magamit ang pirated copy using the same key :) if peke ang OS na gamit. Just my 2 cents.

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