Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Finding solutions to WinXP's boot problem

I just did another PC fix similar to those I’ve worked on before a few months after a long wait to do another daunting task.

Yet another laptop running cahoots which has turned to snail-speed at the Windows boot-up process. It takes about 10 minutes or so to make it past the loading screen watching the loading bar loop a few more times before seeing the log-in screen.

I do have a hunch of mixed up configuration at the start up. Maybe some device has decided to take over and be at the top which is not quite acceptable to the system. It could also be a pesky virus trying to manipulate the whole process.

So what should we do? … Format it?! (Of course not!)

Formatting is not the best solution to this kind of problem. A good tech person can fix a PC without resolving to erasing everything and re-starting the PC back to its origins. It is important to follow the basic practice of observe, analyse, solve and test. Formatting should always be the last on your list. You’ll be causing more inconvenience to the PC owner in that case.

The first thing we should do is to verify the source of the problem. Let’s try if it works the same under Window’s safe mode.

(After pressing F8 and selecting “safe-mode” on the boot options the PC went through successfully) Why is this the case? Of course, “booting” in safe mode will disable all programs and devices that are not needed to start the PC. In this way, you can diagnose the root of the problem.

One thing to do is check the list of programs that are set to run at start-up. (Accessing “ms-config” via the start-up menu or WINKEY+R then type “msconfig” and press ENTER. Opens up a small dialog box with several tabs. Selecting Start-up tab and checking for some unusual software on the list. Unchecking several software and leaving a few to see if it works.)

Upon applying the changes and restarting the PC, still went back to the same problem – I’m stuck at the boot-up!

(Trying other alternatives..) Luckily, I was able to wait for the PC to complete its boot process. I tried to run several anti-malwares assuming it has some malware infection. To top it all, I ran a DOS based anti-malware detection software so I have the liberty of removing the baddies without the Windows background programs preventing it.

It turns out I had worsen the problem (true!) An unbootable operating system after the removal of infection. Nevertheless, I still have other options available, that is going for a repair-install method for the laptop. (No worries! Files and programs are completely safe under this method. Done it several times and it works like a charm!)

Noob killer screenshot
Malware removal on DOS environment
Doing a repair installation of WinXP
Blue-screen-of-death after malware removal.


That's right format is not always the solution, quick fix is cloning

for people like me na walang masyadong alam sa computer dapart talaga magaling yung cop tech .kasi puro reformat lang siguro ang gagawin non.

Files and programs are completely safe under this method - I used to have a phobia when doing PC formats and repairs that I might not be able to recover my files, regardless if I know I'm assured of - so I still always do an external backup ;-) 

This is the common phrase that I hear sa mga new clients ko, "I don't like my comp. tech kasi lagi na lang n'yang nire-reformat yung PC ko." Always ending up in lost files and lost programs. Your tech should know how to protect your PC and avoid the formatting procedure as much as possible.

What I do is clone the HDD  (takes just a few minutes) before I do the repair task. Luckily, I did not sell some of my old HDDs (6 of them) to be used for a quick backup just in case.

WinXPs repair-install procedure is safe. Just the same as installing windows in  a new PC only that you will have to select repair procedure upon reaching the installation phase. Windows should be able to see your old operating system so that it can be repaired.

after i changed computer last January this year, I haven't had problems with my latest, by far.. :D

..but before, when i was still in college, i really had a lot of pc probs..the good thing was my ex-bf was a comp tech, he was the 1 who took care of my comp..i am not sure how he fixed the comp.hehe.

..nonetheless,this is a very helpful post.. :D thanks for sharing

 agree with Chris... its not necessarily na format agad kapag may problema sa PC... look for extra options before deciding to format your PC.

as much as possible i also do not format a pc at once, using different tools to solve the problem is always the first move, i am also using noob killer, among other utilities as well. one reason why i also want my drive C frozen :)

i share  this informative and helpful reading to my sons and husband who are doing computer tech here in our home. :)

informative ito at pwedeng pwede sa desktop ng panganay ko, ung laptop naman ni misis win7 naman, salamat sir!

I need this kind of post since I am a complete ignoramus on this area. Salamat sa post u po. This is helpful po

being an ignorant in this area, I must say I need your blog!

On my part, it is complicated but really, i think I need to learn these stuffs

Very informative and I agree with you bro that formatting should be the last option. I'm looking for unusual hidden files in my lappy and delete the file whenever it is slow. Madalas kasi kong mag download and minsan may mga virus na kasama.

I've never encountered this problem before. Shall go back here when I do :P

I remember the tech guy that fixed our computer before partitioned our CPU so that files wont be lost when he has to reformat :P

It can be used as an alternate solution. But if you have a bunch of programs installed like I do. Formatting would be my last resort.

Currently partitioned my lappy and my desktop PC to avoid erasing my files.

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