Friday, 25 November 2011

Getting around a device problem

The other night while I was working on one of my articles, my netbook's touchpad suddenly went nuts. I was not able to make a selection using the usual tapping on the pad and used the buttons instead. I tried tapping on it while browsing through my PC's contents yet I don't get any response from the touch pad.

I can't remember installing a software or an update from Windows that may have caused the problem. So, I decided on restarting the PC that it may help get rid of the problem.

But after a successful reset, the touch pad is still not working and questions started to fill my mind as I slowly cringed on the dilemma I am having. (Even techies like me do panic when our own gadgets fail like this!) Should I bring this immediately to the store where I bought it? ... Do I need to format it again)? ...

Before I jumped to conclusions, I tried to calm myself first so I can think about the next step and try to resolve this by myself. After all I am a techie person.

So here is what I did ...

  1. Verify if its an issue with the OS (windows). So I installed another USB mouse to verify if everything works well which I can't do much with the touch pad. Everything looks fine though so I can say that my OS (Windows) is now out of the equation.(no formatting or repair-installation of OS necessary)

  2. Update device drivers (also a software). Our devices (keyboards, mice, etc.) cannot properly work without installing the necessary software to make them run and use them in interfacing with our PCs. There may be a problem with the current driver installed so an update maybe necessary.

    I went over my netbook's manufacturer website and checked for the latest driver and downloaded it. Yet after installing the updated driver, Windows informed me that "the current driver installed is up to date." So, no further update is possible.

  3. Reinstall the device driver. If the previous step didn't work may be removing it and installing a fresh copy will give me some chance.

    I went over my installer CDs and looked for my lappy's driver software. (I discarded the downloaded one since I trust the original-boxed-copy more in my case). I have to uninstall (remove) the first one and reboot to apply the new settings after then I can install a new software for that device.

    And yes! Finally, it worked!
Our device may fail for sometime due to some issues like:
  • Misconfigured software driver
  • Corrupted software driver
  • A glitch or a bug in the operating system
  • Failing hardware (ouch!)
  • Hardware conflict
Find out what is causing the problem. We can deduce the issue by:
  • (If possible) install a known working device
  • Restarting or shutting down the computer
  • Plugging the device to another available slot or port
  • Remove and install the device driver
If all else fails, sad to say, you may need to have your device replaced or have it bring over for repairs.


Wow. I got the same problem once. I panicked a lot. Good thing after the reboot it worked na. 

Sometimes a quick reset can make wonders :D

Hahahaha thank god i've never encountered this problem before. i would have a panic attack if it ever does happen!

nice, I think I will be fixing my units tomorrow

What is the brand of your laptop? I find that Acer laptops have very weak battery life and Dell laptops usually have a hardware problem. Thanks! I'll make sure to visit this site once I encounter the same problem!

This is what I call a very well written tip. :) Maganda talaga kapag base on experiences

Thanks Ads :D

thank you for the tips.alam ko na kung saan pupuntang site pag nagkaproblema ako sa pc.

Very true, it happens if my computer is not updated and the hardware is on its knees. Great tips you got here.

this is a great post, actually i'm a computer technician and i would know immediately what problems im experiencing with my desktop pc, it's no different with the laptop actually. but for those who aren't as techie, this is a very good suggestion/advice. :)

I always have these problems on my computer. But the worst thing that happened recently was when I updated one of my software and may malware na umatake sakin. Deym all my files were gone. Hahaha. Nakahide lng pala. :)

reinstalling the device driver did the trick....thank you for the useful tip,

galing!!! me natutunan ako sa troubleshooting ah! I like this post! :)

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