Thursday, 10 November 2011

Start from scraps!

I am starting to get back to my obsessive-compulsive behavior after seeing those low-priced LCD TVs being sold at department stores. It does catch my attention every time a pass by those retail outlets. Imagine, a 32” LCD telly priced at P 23,000.00 which is in my own opinion already a good buy based on its specs, features and carrying brand.

How lucky am I not to bring any of my credit cards! Sure, I will go home with my hands full if I had one in my wallet.

I just told myself, maybe I should just set aside some money for the meantime and get hold of alternate solutions just to release this eagerness with my gadget fling.

I just then remembered seeing some items back at my storage. Items that were left after I have closed my I-Café biz a few months ago. Maybe I can find something to work on. (Fingers crossed)

My creative juices started to flow after finding a few items that would fit my project – a 23” LCD Monitor, one old stand-alone TV Box and a 2.1 speaker system. Things that I didn’t realize were all stocked at that dusty room just waiting to be discovered and used again.

So then I started the "Make-shift LCD telly project." (well that’s a mouthful!)

All I need is to plug them all together via various cables although I still have to visit the hardware store to get the cables that I need. I still shelled out P 500.00 to buy those items.

Okay, now let’s see how much did I save with this DIY project:

23" LCD Monitor (Acer brand) – bought from an online trading shop. Slightly used with 2 year prevailing warranty. Original price = P 12,500.00 and bought at P 8,500.00

Stand-alone TV box (K-World brand) – originally bought for my I-Café a few years ago. A slightly used item ending early at the storage since I don’t want any unwanted guests inside my store just to watch television. Original price = P 1,700.00

2.1 Speaker System (Xenon brand) – also used at my I-Café to set some mood or ambiance. Original price = P 1,200.00

Adding it up I have saved a total of P 11,400.00 compared to purchasing another device. Woah! That’s cool!

To make it even better, I connected my movie collection to the TV system so I can also do a movie-marathon with my high def movie database. Yay!

Come to think of it! Not only did I save money for another gadget but also I get a chance to save the environment by not contributing another junk for the landfill.

K World TV Box

Xenon 2.1 Speaker System

Networked Media Tank

23" LCD Monitor

The make-shift-telly system


Whoa! I love to get my hands on those

all coming from your shop, nice! My son naman keeps on pushing me to save to buy a 3D tv, anu ba yan

I am still thinking on getting one of those 3D TVs. I am just afraid that something better might come out by the time I buy one. Maybe wait till this one breaks down or given away.

how innovative and ingenuous... and all praises for your concern to the environment... Yahweh bless

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