Monday, 28 November 2011

Reaching more people

When I started my blog, I didn't realize that I am reaching more people with the things I share in the web. Where my initial purpose of having this blog is to take into writing all the events that transpired in helping me resolve my own technical problems and to my customer's as well - to serve as a knowledge base to the PC problems I have worked on.

As I went through everyday blogging my way to increase my readership, I tried to ask fellow bloggers for some help by exchanging links with me. But then, you can't just have to put everyone's link on your blog or end up with a crammed up website.

Being busy managing our family business diminishes my chance in connecting with other people on the web. BC Blogger will definitely give newbie bloggers like me to showcase their own and help others who are planning to get involved in the blogosphere.

Having BC Bloggers at your side will make it easier to manage your blogs while you share more information with other people. Join BC Bloggers too! I'm sure you'll never regret being part of this one great circle. 

At BC Blogger’s Secret, you don’t have to BEG for links. 
At BC Blogger’s Secret, all the people you will meet are willing to exchange links with you. 
At BC Blogger’s Secret, the steps are so FAST and EASY. At BC Blogger’s Secret, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.
Join the BC Blogger by clicking on the badge below.



I am a member but the creator haven't message me yet, well until dec 15 pa naman eto d ba

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Reaching people yes, and also it's a continous learning experience too.

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