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Monday, 28 November 2011

Reaching more people

When I started my blog, I didn't realize that I am reaching more people with the things I share in the web. Where my initial purpose of having this blog is to take into writing all the events that transpired in helping me resolve my own technical problems and to my customer's as well - to serve as a knowledge base to the PC problems I have worked on.

As I went through everyday blogging my way to increase my readership, I tried to ask fellow bloggers for some help by exchanging links with me. But then, you can't just have to put everyone's link on your blog or end up with a crammed up website.

Being busy managing our family business diminishes my chance in connecting with other people on the web. BC Blogger will definitely give newbie bloggers like me to showcase their own and help others who are planning to get involved in the blogosphere.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Getting around a device problem

The other night while I was working on one of my articles, my netbook's touchpad suddenly went nuts. I was not able to make a selection using the usual tapping on the pad and used the buttons instead. I tried tapping on it while browsing through my PC's contents yet I don't get any response from the touch pad.

I can't remember installing a software or an update from Windows that may have caused the problem. So, I decided on restarting the PC that it may help get rid of the problem.

But after a successful reset, the touch pad is still not working and questions started to fill my mind as I slowly cringed on the dilemma I am having. (Even techies like me do panic when our own gadgets fail like this!) Should I bring this immediately to the store where I bought it? ... Do I need to format it again)? ...

Before I jumped to conclusions, I tried to calm myself first so I can think about the next step and try to resolve this by myself. After all I am a techie person.

So here is what I did ...

Monday, 21 November 2011

Migrating to another hard drive

Previously, I don't have any information on how I can transfer big chunks of files from my hard drive to a newer and bigger one other than the usual copy and paste method. It pains to know that it will take sometime for me to have them all transferred. I normally do the procedure late at night hoping it would then be finished when I wake up in the morning.

The migration of files to another drive may be due to an impending device failure or just a need to transfer the contents to a bigger and more ample space (my apps and games are starting to pile up on my one (1) Terra byte Hard Drive). Doing the usual method will somehow entail us towards some issues like:
  • wasted time for transferring large amounts of data. (Workable but will need a lot of patience! )
  • not enough time to get out of impending data loss due to imminent hard drive failure.
  • additional costs to purchase resources for data recovery. (Maybe I can transfer them to some blank DVD disks for cheaper options... may be not!)
The traditional method of copying or moving files is definitely the normal way to do it but there is that big chance to commit errors especially if you have a bunch of folders and a "gazillion" of files to transfer. There is the possibility that you might not be able to save all of them throughout the process.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Make use of private browsing session

Accessing my gmail account, updating my status in Facebook or chatting with my friends on Yahoo messenger using a public terminal is one thing that I've always avoided.

Often are we aware that we are in grave danger when we access our online accounts outside of our homes through another computer. Many of us fall prey to petty cyber criminals when we fail to take precautionary measures when using a different desktop computer other than our own.

A locked out account, plagarized and vandalized by heartless individuals smearing our most valued reputation in the world wide web. Cleaning up the mess is the hardest part.

How we can protect ourselves then?

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Terabit file copy and transfer in Windows

Teracopy the best file management tool for Windows
I was so happy to have used  Windows 7 as my operating system. Though I was already satisfied with the XP version, honestly! The Aero interface (transparency and glass effects) of Win 7 is definitely a cool one to have in your PC's desktop screen! Plus! The security features they have included in Windows 7 does minimize possible intrusions of malware.

But just like any other operating system, this version also has some minor glitches. One thing I hate about this OS is its file management tools. It sometimes doesn't work properly especially when I am transferring large bits of data like game ISOs (ripped game data from DVDs) and HD movie files as big as 4 gigabytes and up. Sometimes, the transfer or copying procedure will take about an hour with file size that big. And if you're not lucky because of some unlikely system malfunction, the file copy transferring icon dialog box will keep looping forever (no one knows how long it will take) and the only way to get rid of it is to cancel the process from the task manager or worse! Pressing on the reset switch of your PC just to stop the now frozen program and start all over again.

I found this cool third-party app over the web and it will transform your file management tasks as easy as you want it to be without the fear of a possible lock-up even after accidentally hitting on the cancel button.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

My top-PC Games of all-time

If premium gaming websites (gamespot and IGN) have their own list of the best “PC” games in the planet, I do have a list of my own.

These are some of the games that kept me wide awake till the wee hours in the morning straight from my own collection: (These are in no particular order) 

Saturday, 12 November 2011

The thing about PC-based routers

Courtesy of (web interface)
The reason for this article is that I had for one time the need to build my own router since I don’t really get all what I want with those commercially available plug and play ones.

Routers are basically streamlined computers designed to do a specific job to provide at least a well-managed network and secure data line while we go online in the internet space. (Ward-off potential network intruders. Virus and malwares are out of the router’s scope.)

Building your own router has some advantages:
  • You can customize certain areas of it, or ...
  • Add-on some 3rd party softwares to answer certain specific requirements for your home or business network.
I am not forcing everyone to embark in this project for it will require at least a clear understanding on networks and computers. Techno geeks like me will surely enjoy this endeavour.

Initially all routers have their own operating software for you to interface with it and configure how it will work in your own network. I suggest to get at least the free and open source ones like pfSense which is based on a FreeBSD operating system.

I recommend this one because of their continuous support and live community boards that can help you customize the router to your own liking. Also, it is free and has a lot of packages (additional software) like squid proxy and squid guard (works great for me and my kids).You may need to download a copy of the software and burn to an optical disk or in someway transfer to a USB device for installation.

You need to have some knowledge in configuring routers and installing operating systems before proceeding or else you’ll be clueless throughout the process.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Start from scraps!

I am starting to get back to my obsessive-compulsive behavior after seeing those low-priced LCD TVs being sold at department stores. It does catch my attention every time a pass by those retail outlets. Imagine, a 32” LCD telly priced at P 23,000.00 which is in my own opinion already a good buy based on its specs, features and carrying brand.

How lucky am I not to bring any of my credit cards! Sure, I will go home with my hands full if I had one in my wallet.

I just told myself, maybe I should just set aside some money for the meantime and get hold of alternate solutions just to release this eagerness with my gadget fling.

I just then remembered seeing some items back at my storage. Items that were left after I have closed my I-Café biz a few months ago. Maybe I can find something to work on. (Fingers crossed)

My creative juices started to flow after finding a few items that would fit my project – a 23” LCD Monitor, one old stand-alone TV Box and a 2.1 speaker system. Things that I didn’t realize were all stocked at that dusty room just waiting to be discovered and used again.

So then I started the "Make-shift LCD telly project." (well that’s a mouthful!)

All I need is to plug them all together via various cables although I still have to visit the hardware store to get the cables that I need. I still shelled out P 500.00 to buy those items.

Things to think about before formatting your PC

The first time I learned to format a desktop PC was during my college days (I think). I really cannot say the reason why I love doing this kind of activity but surely, I feel good everytime I tinker on flawed gadgets and end up getting them back to life.

I did felt a hint of fear the first time I planned to do it. I know my folks would get mad at me if they find out I have a huge paperweight standing at my room. I don’t have the means of replacing a dead PC at that time.

My eagerness and excitement actually didn’t put me to sleep. Instead, I went on with high hopes of success.

My formatting experience involved Windows 95 as my initial operating system (OS) that required the aide of a bootable floppy disk. That was way too prehistoric if you may say. Today, there are better options of installing a Windows operating system. DVDs and flash drives are among our best options. And yeah! After discovering how to install one through a removable drive, I had always make use of it.

It took me several times to do the work before I finally get the hang of it and do the same even with my eyes closed.

Many of us has aspired to do the formatting of their desktop PC on their own. Customizing the way we use our computers has always been the strongest factor for doing it. Besides, finding a trustworthy tech person is way too difficult and more or less expensive for some of us.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Optimum Number of Computers for Starting an Internet Cafe

Sa pagbukas ng isang I-café (Internet Café) mahalaga na malaman natin kung ilang computer units and dapat nating ilagay upang maging maayos ang daloy ng benta sa ating itatayong negosyo.

Noong ako ay nagsimulang magbukas ng ganitong negosyo noong 2004, apat (4) na computers ang aking inilagay upang mapag-aralan muna kung ang computer rental ay magiging mabenta sa aking lugar. Ako ay nagsimula sa mababang bilang upang sa kung sakaling hindi ito magiging feasible, may pagkakataon pa akong ma-dispose ang mga nabili kong computers at gayun din naman makapag-isip ako ng ibang negosyong ipapalit sa commercial stall ko.

At noong nalaman ko na magiging mabenta ang naiisip kong negosyo, saka ko sinimulan ang pagdagdag ng mga computer units hanggang sa umabot ito ng sampu (10) na ayon sa karamihan ay optimal o sapat para makabenta at mabawi ang ipinuhunan. At makaraan ng isang taon ay nakapaglagay na ako ng labing walo (18) sa aking pwesto.

Sa kasalukuyang panahon, hindi ko na masabi kung ang bilang na ito ay sapat na para ma-cover ang demand sa isang lugar. Madami kasing factors na pwedeng makaka-apekto sa desisyon sa pagbili ng computer units.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Additional services that you may offer in your I-cafe Biz

Bukod sa computer rentals, madami pang serbisyo ang maaari mong i-offer sa iyong I-café business upang makadagdag sa benta nito.

Ang bahay ko ang napili kong paglagyan ng aking itinayong Internet Café business. Dahil sa maliit lamang ang aking puwesto, naging limitado ang expansion ko. Umabot lamang sa labing-walo (18) units ang nailagay ko at wala ng paraan para makapagdagdag pa.

Sa ganoong sitwasyon, naging limitado din ang serbisyo na naibigay ko sa aking mga customers. Kaya nag-isip ako ng paraan upang kumita ng extra kahit papaano.

Napag-isipan ko na din magtayo ng isa pang branch ngunit ang naipon kong pera ay hindi sapat na makapag-simula ng isa pang negosyo. Isa pa, mangangailangan ako ng mga taong pwedeng magbantay at magpatakbo ng itatayo kong branch kung magkakaganon.

Ang comments and suggestion box na inilagay ko sa aking shop ang naging daan upang masolusyunan ko ang problema ko sa karagdagang kita. Ang mga suggestion ng aking customer na magkaroon ng printing service at snack store ang unang naging side-service ng aking I-café.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Opening an Internet Cafe Business, What should I know before starting one?

Ang Internet Café ay isa sa naging sikat na negosyo para sa mga first-time Pinoy entrepreneurs. Marahil dahil ito ay daw ay madaling i-setup at napapanahong negosyo para sa lahat.

Marami na ang nagbukas ng ganitong negosyo sa buong bansa. Ganun din naman marami na din ang nagsara makalipas lamang ang ilang buwan o taon ng operation nito.

Sa totoo lang, ang I-Café business ay hindi madaling negosyo dahil ang perang puhunan dito ay masmalaki pa kaysa sa pag-franchise ng isang food cart business. Isa pa, ang services na offered sa negosyong ito ay hindi kasama sa daily necessities ng mga Pinoy. Karamihan ng services ay pumapasok sa leisure and entertainment aspects kaya hindi mo aasahan ang high-demand nito kumpara sa ibang negosyo.

Ganun pa man, may mga paraan upang maging mabenta ang isang I-Café sa merkado.

Una, proper location. Ang kita ng isang I-café ay pwedeng mag-depende sa lugar kung saan ito itatayo. Kinakailangang ma-tao ang lugar na paglalagyan nito at malapit sa mga utility lines lalo na sa linya ng telepono at kuryente. Ang schools, malls, transport terminals at markets ang karaniwang pinaglalagyan nito. Ngunit paalala sa mga balak magsimula ng ganitong negosyo, mag-inquire sa munisipyo ng lugar na nais mong pagtayuan ng isang I-café upang malaman ang mga existing ordinances at requirements sa pagbukas nito.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Finding solutions to WinXP's boot problem

I just did another PC fix similar to those I’ve worked on before a few months after a long wait to do another daunting task.

Yet another laptop running cahoots which has turned to snail-speed at the Windows boot-up process. It takes about 10 minutes or so to make it past the loading screen watching the loading bar loop a few more times before seeing the log-in screen.

I do have a hunch of mixed up configuration at the start up. Maybe some device has decided to take over and be at the top which is not quite acceptable to the system. It could also be a pesky virus trying to manipulate the whole process.

So what should we do? … Format it?! (Of course not!)

Formatting is not the best solution to this kind of problem. A good tech person can fix a PC without resolving to erasing everything and re-starting the PC back to its origins. It is important to follow the basic practice of observe, analyse, solve and test. Formatting should always be the last on your list. You’ll be causing more inconvenience to the PC owner in that case.