Saturday, 22 October 2011

Computing for your PC's power rating requisites

The power supply unit (PSU) defines how much power can be used to run your desktop PC.

A standard PC doing the basic tasks will not  require a wattage more than 200W (watts) though purchasing a power supply with higher wattage is still recommended to provide some slack for further upgrades in the future.

Typical power ratings are (expressed in watts) 250, 350, 400, 500, 600 and 1,000. Most commercially available PSUs here in the Philippines are rated at 500W more or less. Calculating the overall power requirements of your PC before you purchase one is optional yet highly advised.

Not all sold PSUs in the market carries their true power rating as indicated outside its case. Only a few selected "branded" PSUs boasts true rated power.

There is now an easier way to find out your total power requirement for your PC.
Extreme PSU calculator offers a web-based "lite" version of their professional software that can help you determine the right amount of power to run your computer based on the customizations you want to have on your PC. Their wide range of configurations and options will make an accurate assessment of your projected system. It does also work for current computer systems.

They have a complete list of computer hardware that you can use to properly simulate your ideal PC and provide the best result for that system to serve as your guide in buying a power supply unit.

The calculated power is expressed in ranges showing the minimum and maximum power consumption that your PC will have to use when it's up and running. In this way, you can purchase the proper amount of PSU rating and avoid falling short on power that can cause unstable PC performance.

PC enthusiasts ("modders") and those who do some overclocking usually buy branded PSUs. These high-end power sources gives the assurance of a long lasting hardware, stable power source and flexible options for cable management.

So, before you go out and buy just any of those hardware, better think twice. Your PC's performance does not solely rely on the make and model of your chosen parts but also on the right amount of power that it requires to run at optimum levels.

For your reference, here is the link to extreme PSU calculator's web page:

If you prefer recommended PSU brands, checkout this list (just look them up at Google):
  • Corsair
  • Antec
  • Thermaltake
  • OCZ
  • Cougar
  • HEC
  • Coolermaster


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