Sunday, 30 October 2011

Minor upgrades that can boost your PC's performance

I wasn't aware that computers can still be tweaked to run in its optimal state when things are somewhat sluggish. I've spent a lot of cash for several PC replacements just to level with the current trends in computer advancements.

Being a PC enthusiast and a hard-core gamer, tweaking and minor upgrades is a heaven sent and a quick boost to avoid further cash outs and save money for better hardware. Moreover, prevent throwing away working computer hardware.

Here are some things I did to keep my PC in par with my current  requirements:

  1. Do some RAM upgrades. RAMS or memory cards can be added, upgraded or replaced to boost your computer's speed. RAMS work hand in hand with your computer's processor. RAM purchases are much cheaper than processors. 
  2. Install an add-on video card. Many motherboard manufacturers have offered "built-in" graphic devices resulting to the omission of video cards. In the process, the PC purchase became cheaper but not all users will be satisfied with the on-board video performance. On board graphic chips makes use of your computer's RAM thus a slowdown in performance especially for games and graphics hungry apps.
  3. Tweak and reconfigure. There are several (free) softwares that you can use to clean up the clutter and optimize your PC. You may surprised that your computer will no longer need an upgrade after running and installing several of these tweaks. Take note that Windows-based PCs are prone to bloatwares (unnecessary data clutter in your system) 
  4. Add more storage device. If you need more storage space or running out of space to save your data, adding another hard drive (internal or external) can save your time. Just make sure that you are buying the right kind of storage device for your computer. Take advantage of the SATA types and terabyte capacities. They runs faster, energy saver and cooler that their IDE predecessors.
  5. Install other storage device options. If buying a hard drive makes your wallet cry, why not settle for something cheaper like memory cards, USB flash disks or DVD Rewritables. THese tools can still lessen the load of files on your PC without spending too much.
If you have other quick PC boosting tips up your sleeve, feel free to share here!


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