Friday, 21 October 2011

Everything in 3D

Watching a full 3D movie in an IMAX theater has captivated our eyes as this unique display of visual technology made everything more real than natural. Seeing that water flowing that you could almost touch it plus the depth of camera angles that is far different when seen in a regular big screen.

The introduction of 3D cinemas in the Philippines gave way for the Filipinos to enjoy realism at its best. Subsequent films has taken advantage of this technology and likewise deemed to exploit its features in creating a blockbuster film. Even though such movie does not require neither fit to have one. And the tag "in 3D" has been part of the movie feature in the hopes of enticing movie viewers.

The 3D technology that has been a hit on commercial theaters has finally reached the household market as each TV is now capable of displaying such feat. If you try to visit one of these appliance centers you will find a wide range of television sets to choose from. Though most of them will carry an expensive price tag depending on the perks that the product offer.

My recent window-shopping gig in a mall just near my place has allowed me to discover that even the mobile phone industry has immersed itself in the application of the three dimensional technology. Something that is very cool to see in a pocket-sized device. Owning one is definitely something to show off.

My  brother recently bought one of these 42-inch plasma TV some months ago before the 3D-capable TV panels were released. (And yes you see the disappointment in his face!) Sometimes it is so hard to purchase this kind of electronics when obsolescence is quicker than expected. It is better hold on to your current item as long as it is still working and buy when it already has served you well.

The 3D technology will soon be phased-out once the holographic advancement has materialized or becomes cost-effective for people to acquire. I have seen concepts of this technology being applied to several devices instituting more mobility and a "cool" feature for its users yet prices for this item will be stiff despite the presence of bugs or limits on its performance


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