Sunday, 21 August 2011

Is it necessary to install AV or security suites in my computer?

There were many people asking me if I have installed any security software or  anti-malware software in my PC in my I-cafe. And as always, I never forget to install one before anything else.

Different types of people visit my Internet cafe and most of them are basic users and does not concern about the security on the computers since they don’t own them. They are only in my shop to avail of my services and the rest is for them to enjoy that paid service.

As a cafe owner, securing my computer from viral or malware attack is my primary concern. Preventing any unlikely outage or delay in operating my business is always top on the list.

A malware infection may drastically change the performance of your business. Ignoring the inclusion of such software may lead to unwanted results much more loss in sales and less customers.

Some fellow operators tell me that these security suites hamper the speed and performance at which their computers do. So they decide not to utilize one. In the end they always have to do a clean install (reformat) on their units just to prevent the virus from spreading further leaving only a few computers for their customer to use or none at all.

There are a lot of anti-virus programs in the market depending to our taste. It is our task to find which one suits our needs. Not all softwares are alike and not all i-cafe owners dig the same application. Some may work for you and some won’t do any good.

Securing your PC against threats is essential. It could win more customers by letting them know that they won’t get any infection when they plug their devices to your PC (which is a common source of security breach in an internet cafe).

If you do not want to install a single security suite (for any reason at all) I suggest you use some kind of rollback software to lessen the time and income lost in case a possible infection is present. Deepfreeze tops the charts when it comes to preventing any changes made to your PC after a clean restart.


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