Monday, 15 August 2011

The future of internet cafe business

A few months ago, I decided to close down my internet cafe due to the fact that I no longer earn enough money to pay for the expenses (just breaking- even as they say) and local government taxes are too steep.

Overtime, computers (parts and accessories) are getting cheaper and internet service providers are doing the same. Every Pinoy household can get hold of their own internet connection evidently an income loss in the I-cafe market.

During the decision-making period of giving up my biz, I pondered on how will the business would eventually fare after a few years when all resources are dispensable to everyone.

The cheaper costs of supplies and the undefined stand of internet cafe businesses makes it a hard place to earn a fair income. Barely a few amount enough to pay for your daily necessities. Not much to save for yourself or even for the sustenance of the business.

People tend to enter the I-cafe market when they see a similar business prosper only finding out that they would only earn less and loose valuable time in the process.

The internet cafe business is now similar to a "sari-sari" store. Never will you not find one in the neighborhood. Sad to say price war has taken its toll. And soon only a few will be left to play the game.

To those who are still in the game, good luck and I wish you prosperity for the years to come?

To people who thinks of opening one, good luck too. Think twice before investing your money in this lucrative business venture.


This will be a great business . Considering that we are being influenced by the inception of an internet.

People may think that an internet cafe business may earn a big income and that is a mistake. The cost of electricity in the Philippines are getting higher almost every six months - .. And the constant change in high tech and cheaper computers are emerging almost every three months.

A Business Plan Internet Cafe System is what makes a business run in an expedient manner. You will need to create a Business Plan Internet Cafe System that will work for your Internet Cafe Business.

when i started mine in 2002, it was very very lucrative. 2010 was when it started to feel like it wasn't worth all the effort. it is a fun business to be in, but if making mucho money is what you're after, think again. closed mine down last year, and migrated to greener (white and snowy actually) pastures. helping small entrepreneurs are just not the Philippine government's agenda. they are small cows, compared to corporations, but cows nonetheless that can be milked dry.

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