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Setting Up Your D-Link Load Balancing Router (WAN Config)

Warning: This article is a bit technical for most people.

For those who purchased a Load Balancing Router by D-Link particularly DILB604, here is a sample setup instruction to make your purchased equipment usable and not end up in your stock room.

In my example, I will be connecting a single ISP since I only have one available (pinaputol ko na yung smart bro ko a year ago to lessen my overhead expenses). I will be setting up a Globe Wired Connection to my DILB604 Router.

Prerequisites for this setup:
  • You must know your username and password to access your modem's configuration page
  • You must know your username and password to access your router's configuration page
  • Basic knowledge in IP addressing, subnetting and networks is an advantage

You need to know your device's MAC ADDRESS from your aDSL modem-router. This information is necessary to properly configure D-link's dual WAN router. If you can access your modem's configuration page you will see something like this:

So, you can either use the "DSL " or "Ethernet" Mac Address. In my example I will be using the DSL.

For those who can't access this page, what you can do is to plug your Aztech modem directly to the PCs LAN port. You can access the property page via the control panel -> Network Connections -> Network Devices. Right click on the Network device and select properties. Select IPv4 - Internet Protocol version 4 it will be highlighted and then click properties. It will open this page:

Make sure that you selected, the first one "obtain IP address automatically" so you can acquire the IP address provided by the Aztech Modem. Press OK. Confirm that you have an internet connection by opening your browsers and surfing to various websites. If all is well, then it's ok to proceed to the next step.

Open your command prompt (CMD), press WINDOWS KEY + R to call up the RUN command and type CMD and press OK. Once you entered the CMD or DOS, type the following command "arp -a" (without the quotes). It will return a series of mac addresses. You will see the right one with your Gateway address on it usually it ends with "1" number e.g (sometimes the first one on the list). The Mac address preceding this line is the MAC address of your modem. Take note and proceed to the next step.

NOTE: You need to know your username  and password to access the configuration page of your router. DEFAULT is admin with no password.

Access your DLink router's web configuration page using your available browsers. (There is a need to remove the UTP cable from the AZTECH modem and plugin yout PC directly to your DLINK router using another UTP cable. After this setup you will need the modem to be plugged-in to your router) Type in sa address bar (default - change this to avoid conflict with the AZTECH modem via HOME -> LAN -> LAN SETTINGS). It is essential also to setup the DHCP server and make sure na parehas ang IP RANGE will match with the LAN IP. So in my example, my router will have the IP and subnet mask so it follows in my DHCP the following settings:

Press APPLY and wait for a few seconds so your PC can acquire the new IP address from the router since you've changed the IP range. The router may restart again to apply the new settings. You may have a problem connecting to your router webpage since we modified its LAN IP. Use the new IP Address in the address bar to access the page. In my example I have to type instead.

NOTE: Starting IP and Ending IP may vary starting from - Determine how many IP do you want your DHCP to provide for your computers.

Logon again to your Dlink Router. Once you have accessed the router's web, proceed to HOME ->WAN tab. You will see this page:

Follow what I have put here except for the DNS part since this is optional. You can leave it blank to use the default DNS provided by your ISP. Even the HOST NAME can be ignored. This portion is used to identify the current connection you're into.  WHAT IS ESSENTIAL HERE IS TO PUT THE CORRECT MAC ADDRESS to make it work. Then connect your Aztech modem to the DLINK Router using a LAN/UTP cable. The other end of the UTP cable from your modem should go in one of the WAN ports of your Dlink Router. In my setup, the UTP cable is plugged-in to the WAN1 port to make sure it will work. Press APPLY and wait for a few seconds, the router will reset then try to open a browser and check for connectivity. You can also access your router's configuration page and go to STATUS PAGE. WAN1 status should state "connected" and likewise you can connect to the internet.

For the 2nd ISP or WAN connection, follow the same procedure with a slight modification on WAN config part. You have to select the WAN 2 interface and input the MAC address of the 2nd ISP's modem. You may want to turn on the Load Balancing feature by going to the HOME -> LOAD BALANCE side menu. Make sure you use load balancing based on packet Tx and Rx. Experiment on load share - try 50/50 for starters.

I will try to discuss the other important settings to make your Load Balancing Router work better for you like PORT FORWARDING and QOS (quality of service).


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