Thursday, 6 May 2010

Making Money from Old Parts

Did you ever find yourself burdened by the overstocking problem at your internet cafe warehouse or store room? And the only choice that you have is to throw away your most-keeped old parts?

You can make money from those equipments by selling them. It doesn't really matter if they are still working or not. But the good news is you can make money from it!

Recently used parts that were out-moded because of an upgrade can be sold in a cheaper price. You can never really sell them at their purchased price or current price in the market. PC parts just like any other electronics lose their value as year goes by. Even if that's the case, the point is that you can still gain even a few amount instead of letting it rot in one corner. Throwing it to the garbage bag or giving it away is the worst thing that you can do.

You can make use of the internet to advertise and sell your used items. Their are a lot of online trading websites that you can choose from.

I have recently sold a few pieces of used video cards (AGP type) and CRT Monitors (those bulky PC screens) by using one of our local online computer parts trading websites.  One of the common strategies, was to bundle some of the parts and price it lower to sell it out faster. At least provide a considerable personal warranty for the item like at least one (1) week to test it.

Phased-out parts are priced at cheaper prices. You can sell them at half the price of their original value. Or better yet check the current prices from the retail stores or supplier establishments and base your prices from their current list price. Price your item properly so it can compete in the market. Making it too high will make it unsellable while placing it too low... well, no one wants to sell their items that cheap! (better give it away then!)

There are also some traders who buy damaged computer parts. You can consider selling your items to them. You can sell them to 'junk shops' but they won't give you a fair amount for these parts. Junk shops should be your last option (if you just want to get rid of your electronic trash).
Always remember that computers will not last long and expect that soon enough you'll be throwing them away. Replacing the parts of your PCs in your internet cafe is one thing you should always be prepared of. The rapid shift of technological advancements will push you to upgrade to better devices and leaving you with a heapful of junk. Creating an part upgrade and selling out plan is a good way to maintain your business. At least 2-3 years is good before you replace and sell your used parts. At least you can earn half the price for you to buy the next part upgrade.


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