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Sunday, 23 May 2010

Setting Up Your D-Link Load Balancing Router (WAN Config)

Warning: This article is a bit technical for most people.

For those who purchased a Load Balancing Router by D-Link particularly DILB604, here is a sample setup instruction to make your purchased equipment usable and not end up in your stock room.

In my example, I will be connecting a single ISP since I only have one available (pinaputol ko na yung smart bro ko a year ago to lessen my overhead expenses). I will be setting up a Globe Wired Connection to my DILB604 Router.

Prerequisites for this setup:
  • You must know your username and password to access your modem's configuration page
  • You must know your username and password to access your router's configuration page
  • Basic knowledge in IP addressing, subnetting and networks is an advantage

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Manage Daily Sales with CMS (Cafe Management Software)

A few years back, I started my I-Cafe business with only four (4) computers. I didn't really planeed on renting out computers. I was not aware that broadband connection was already available for my disposal and still living contented within the boundaries of dial-up connections. LAN (local area network) multi-player games dominated the Philippines market and surfing the web was not yet the the thing of the past. Counter-srtike, Diablo II and Warcraft were a few to make one use a PC in your store.

Monitoring my shop's sales was taken into a regular notebook and any writing medium that I can get my hands on. I eventually bought logbook which you can commonly find at office supplies stores or bookstores.

When the customer turn-out increased so was my services. I started with the printing of documents then added some photo printing in a few weeks time. A few more services came to make additional income - PC repairs, online electronic loading station, snacks and drinks.

Making Money from Old Parts

Did you ever find yourself burdened by the overstocking problem at your internet cafe warehouse or store room? And the only choice that you have is to throw away your most-keeped old parts?

You can make money from those equipments by selling them. It doesn't really matter if they are still working or not. But the good news is you can make money from it!

Recently used parts that were out-moded because of an upgrade can be sold in a cheaper price. You can never really sell them at their purchased price or current price in the market. PC parts just like any other electronics lose their value as year goes by. Even if that's the case, the point is that you can still gain even a few amount instead of letting it rot in one corner. Throwing it to the garbage bag or giving it away is the worst thing that you can do.